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Clear Lake is an ideal place to visit year-round because of our variety of cool summer diversions and our mild winters. There's always something going on here, and if you're thinking about coming for a visit, you'll see it's very easy to get here. There's also plenty of places to stay once you're here, whether you're a business traveler on a tight schedule, or a vacationer looking to slow down for a while.

So when should you visit? Well, if you've shoveled enough snow for now, fall and winter are no impediment here to golfing, sailing, fishing or whatever outdoor activity strikes your fancy. Since we're right on the Gulf of Mexico, the warm water mass keeps our temperatures moderate year-round, with the thermometer rarely dipping to the freezing mark. Enjoy the thrilling Wings Over Houston Air Show in September, the fall arts and craft shows in October and November, and the dazzling Christmas Boat Parade the second Saturday in December. Relax with your favorite outdoor pastime in January and February without fear of frostbite!

If you especially enjoy the resurgence of nature in the spring, however, you'll find her extra enthusiastic in the Clear Lake area. This area of Texas is renowned for its brilliant displays of wildflowers in March and April. Pack a lunch and take a leisurely day drive to enjoy the rich colors, featuring our state flower, the bluebonnet. Join the Earth Day Celebrations at Armand Bayou Nature Center in April and have fun at the Crawfish Festival. Enjoy boating during May's marine events and watch the shrimpers prepare for their season as they come in from Galveston Bay.

Summer heats up the calendar here with some of the Clear Lake Area's signature activities. Charter a sailboat with some friends for a moonlight sail on Galveston Bay. Skim over the water windsurfing, or above it with a parasail. Be dazzled by the annual July 4 Independence Day Fireworks Over Clear Lake. Celebrate our exploration of space with the Space Week activities and the Lunar Rendezvous Festival. Be part of another kind of flight with the August RE/MAX® Ballunar Liftoff Festival on the grounds of NASA's Johnson Space Center.








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