A Final Thought from Our 2019/2020 Chairman of the Board: Shawn Bailey

“Every cloud has a silver lining” has been my mantra in 2020. It has helped me to refrain from going down the proverbial rabbit hole and has kept me focused on the positive things occurring around me. With that said, I want to close out my chairmanship with the chamber by highlighting some of the “silver linings” I have observed this past year:    

Adaptation / Evolution: While we have all been forced to adapt to the current environment, I would rather say we that we have evolved to being better organizations.  We have all made modifications, improved processes, enhanced services, learned new technology, etc. that have made us better than what we were. The chamber itself had it first virtual board meeting, membership luncheon, and new teachers’ luncheon this past year.  

Appreciation: In normal times, it is easy to take for granted our first responders. However, in times like these, you are easily reminded who the true heroes in our community are, our health care workers, law enforcement officers, and public servants. As a community, let us continue to support and show appreciation for those who take care of us, time and time again.    I will also note here that I also believe some parents in our community now have a greater appreciation for teachers and school administration after having their kids at home for most of 2020. 

Network: More than anything, this past year brought us all closer to our “core” network. I hope you were able to enjoy more time with your family during the “lockdown” periods. I, and the chamber, also used this time to expand my network via various social media platforms. Finally, I took inventory of my “core” business network as well and realized how thankful I am for all the connections the chamber has provided me.  

In closing, I will simply repeat: “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  

Thank you, Shawn for your service and leadership this past year with the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

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