Chamber 2020

includes a set of core strategic focus areas that align to our Mission and are integrated into our annual Program of Work operating plans.

Goals & Strategies

Goals are the core competencies of the Chamber that the leadership is committed to and will allocate resources.Strategies are continued and fresh approaches to advance the goals and will be pursued during the course of the plan.

Business Success

Community Excellence


Chamber Strength


"Chamber 2020" provides the needed direction and clarity to ensure our collective success and prosperity. That success will be measured by growth of our membership, the health or our economy, the quality of our education system and community life, the reputation of our Chamber for leadership and integrity, and the effective implementation of our annual Program of Work consistent with our core focus areas.

The leadership of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is confident and proud to be joining with every member of our great organization as we navigate the path ahead looking forward to the next three years and beyond.