The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce advocates for issues that are important for our region and our membership. The 87th Legislature will set the budget and priorities for the State for the next two years. It is critically important that the issues relevant to our membership have a voice in Austin. In addition to the items listed below, we encourage all members to reach out to the Chamber regarding their specific legislative items so that we can engage for your business.

For the full 87th Legislative Agenda, Click Here.


Without protection, a storm surge could shut down the nation's busiest port in foreign tonnage and shutter the largest petrochemical complex in the nation... Read more.

The legislative priorities and recommendations for Public Education (Pre-K through 12) and Higher Education (Community Colleges and Four-Year Institutions)... Read more.

The Bay Area Transportation Partnership (BayTran) is an advocate for increased mobility and infrastructure investment in Texas and our region... Read more.

Support legislation that simplifies tax rate; positive amendments to the equality appraisal statute; assures local permitting, building coding, and annexation are local governed issues... Read more.

Access to quality healthcare services is critical to our growing and vibrant region. Read more.

Economic development incentives are a key tool in recruiting and maintaining critical businesses in Texas and Bay Area Houston. Read more.

The mission of the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) is to make innovative aerospace technology available to the private sector, particularly to small businesses. Read more