Happy 50 years Noman Frede!

We are excited to celebrate Norman Frede Chevrolet and their 50th anniversary as a member of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Since 1968, Norman Frede Chevrolet has been proud to work and live in your community, earning the right to say we’re one of the most successful independent Chevrolet dealerships in Texas. We believe the reason we grew and prospered comes down to two words – Loyalty and Integrity. Being family owned and operated gives us the freedom to make decisions to best serve the needs of our customers. In every thing we do, we strive to prove how much we sincerely appreciate your business and deliver on our promises. As a result, families return to us generation after generation to buy their cars and trucks. We truly believe that we earn customers’ confidence and loyalty by treating people as family.”

Norman Frede Chevrolet, thank you for your dedication to the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Here’s to 50 more! Happy 50th Anniversary!

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Board of Director Spotlight | Doug Meisinger, Clear Lake Today

Thank you, Doug Meisinger with Clear Lake Today for serving on the Board of Directors of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and your commitment to #BuyIntoBayArea.

“Buy Into Bay Area is a daily opportunity to add to the social and economic fabric of our community, by doing business with our trusted friends and neighbors.” – Doug Meisinger

Board of Director’s Spotlight |Rebecca Lilley, Memorial Hermann

Thank you, Rebecca Goins Lilley with Memorial Hermann Southeast for serving on the Board of Directors of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and your commitment to #BuyIntoBayArea.

“Buy Into Bay Area is important to every single business. When you buy local, you are strengthening the economic base of the whole community and giving back to your community.” – Rebecca Lilley

4 tips to help with TIME MANAGEMENT

Time management is a challenge for us all.  In order to double your productivity you must perform more and more tasks of higher value, and delegate, delay, outsource and eliminate tasks of lower value. This requires effort and determination to implement.

Where do you start?…

First, you must remove PROCRASTINATION, resist the urge to clear out the easy tasks first.  Identify the most important task to be completed today.  

Second, make a list and apply the 80/20 rule to everything.

Third, always consider the consequences of your choices,
decisions, and behaviors.  Work on the highest value activities and use the Six Steps to Simplification to delegate, outsource, or delay/defer those a
lower value tasks.


~Trisha Stetzel, ResultsXtreme Business Solutions

Happy New Year! 2019~A year in review

​What a Year! Thank you all for your support.
Help us continue to IMPACT our surrounding communities in 2020!

Click the image below for 2019 -  A year in Review