From the desk of 2020/2021 Chairman of the Board: Bob Davee

“This is certainly a strange time to be writing to the Chamber membership as your new Chairman of the Board. 

We are all aware, that the Chamber, our membership, our local economy and our larger community have been living through a prolonged lockdown to arrest the spread of a virus none had heard of until early this year.  While it now appears that the Coronavirus may be in retreat and our local, state and national economy may be in various stages of re-opening, the effects of both remain.

For the past several weeks, I have had a unique view of those effects.  As part of the Chamber’s planning for the upcoming year, I have participated in meetings over the past several weeks with the Chamber staff and the chairs and co-chairs of our divisions and liaisons of our industry partners. The purpose of those meetings was to refine the program of work for our industry groups and liaisons and generate a corresponding and relevant annual plan for the Chamber and it’s operation. From aerospace to hospitality, from tourism to boats, that has provided a unique chance to hear how a prolonged shutdown has affected our diverse membership. As always, there are a few winners and many have learned lessons that will have value going forward, but many or our businesses have been hurt, some substantially.               

At heart, it is the Chamber’s mission to support all of our membership, as well as our local business economy and community.  We are, in fact, “Champions for Business Success and Quality of Life in Our Community” and we have a unique opportunity to demonstrate that in the coming months – to commit to collectively working together to insure we all recover from the economic effects of a prolonged business shutdown. It is my confident hope that the Clear Lake Area Chamber and it’s membership with our collective knowledge, experience and enthusiasm can lead the way.  We have done so before and can do so again.”

Thank you, Bob. We are excited to have you serve as Chairman of the Board for the 2020/2021 year.

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