Leadership Clear Lake Class #4

As Leadership Clear Lake Class #4 prepares to embark on a life-changing journey, please consider investing in yourself or an employee by applying today.

“There are so many great leaders in our country helping to run businesses, non-profits, faith-based organizations, youth sports leagues and so many more endeavors that are integral to creating a quality of life that our founding fathers could only dream of.  Yet as we approach another major federal election, I can’t help but wonder why some of these amazing leaders don’t rise to the top positions of our government.

That said, I’ve always taken comfort in the fact that, regardless of who sits in Congress or the Oval Office, no one has more control over my future than I do.  And while my ability to affect change at the federal level is somewhat limited, to say the least, I have been fortunate enough to see how outstanding leaders – both past and present – have worked together to make the Clear Lake community one of the finest on the planet.

Leadership development has always been critical for communities, businesses, churches and non-profit organizations; but it has perhaps never been as important as it is now.  Whether facing the Great Depression, World Wars, hurricanes or global pandemics; the fundamentals of leadership remain the same.

When I was asked several years ago to help create a curriculum for what is now known as Leadership Clear Lake, I was no expert in leadership.  I had not written any books.  I did not manage a team at work.  I had never even taken a leadership class.  But through life experiences, particularly those learned on the soccer field (I’m a soccer nerd in case you didn’t know), I knew many of the principles of leadership – teamwork, leading by example, sacrifice for others, etc.

With the help of the Chamber staff and so many wonderful volunteers, we kicked off the first Leadership Clear Lake class in 2014.  Ron Klinger, our facilitator, helped the inaugural class reflect on our previous life experiences, our personality types and our principles to realize a unique leadership style that will help us not only improve our own lots in life, but more importantly, to help others achieve success.  Helping others is how communities prosper.  A rising tide lifts all boats, and how appropriate is that adage for a community that boasts one of the largest recreational marine industries in the nation?

Leadership Clear Lake was created to ensure that our fine community has a pipeline of leaders ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.  This fits in well with the Chamber’s mission to be “champions of business success and quality of life in our community.” 

As Leadership Clear Lake Class #4 prepares to embark on a life-changing journey, please consider investing in yourself or an employee by applying today.”

Yours in leadership,

J.P. Morris, Dean of Leadership Clear Lake | Texas Citizens Bank

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